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The canary in the Mine, sings a New Democracy
 Varoufakis in Seattle, Comment by  Rafael Zambrana                     July 6, 2017
Watching statesmen like the former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis offering their ideas to resolve the Greek economic mess, gives me hope the thoroughly corrupt CABAL of psychopaths he described as a Deep State thoroughly insensitive to the fate their populations suffer, that enables their servant political leaders to relentlessly pushing for policies they themselves agree will result in failure, only as an attempt to save face due to their big political investment on the flawed system, is a formula for an eventual obscene collapse as a functioning society.    
But fortunately Varoufakis is being pro-active by developing a vehicle for individuals to do their part by joining DiEM25 he created, for people to work together with others like themselves around the globe.
It is ironic that Greece being the birth of Democracy thousands years ago is today in 2017 again being at the forefront of the democratic renewal, triggered by the painful attempts at resolving the economic impasse.
Just as it's happening in Venezuela where the local and international oligarchs are punishing the voters who chose their anti-oligarchy government by burning their food, the Greeks are also having a painful experience being punished for voting in their current government.
As very well narrated by Varoufakis of his conversations with Christine Lagarde of the IMF and others of the European Central Bank (ECB), they understand perfectly well Greece won't be able to pay the loans they're offering them, but still insist in doing it and are threatening him with forcing the closure of Greek banks, which they ended up doing any way.
Varoufakis narrative is in the same vein I have been developing trying to understand this debt mess, regarding the critical need to re-launch the democratic concept altogether, given the outstanding flaws the current system has shown.    BREXIT is one of the people's expressions to reject the EU top-down dictatorial approach and even Trump's election in the US is another rejection by the voters to the lack of worthwhile candidates the "party establishments" of BOTH parties offered.
While Donald Trump is far from being progressive, he's the first attempt by the extremely uneducated US voters to turn away from the top-down deep state approach they've been suffering for decades.
Varoufakis has a great message, although it's a long one, it's very important to hear it all.
However, one important issue is missing from the conversation is the fact the control exerted on Greece and everybody else is through debt.      The reason for this lack of talk seems to be Varoufakis personal view we in fact don't have a "debt" problem but a "savings" problem with the funds not being recycled for investment.
One of the "illusions" that have come to pass as he suggested in this crisis is democracy itself, and the concept of  "the American dream".whereby future generations are supposed to live better than their parents.      It appears Varoufakis is not aware of the monumental scam the current Fractional Reserve Banking System is, and that's the reason he never mentions the Global Debt Crisis the world is suffering since 2008, has been caused by this widespread fraud.