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Time to Unslave Humanity
Time to Unslave Humanity
 Video by Woody Harrelson, Comment by  Rafael Zambrana                June 23, 2017
This is not a new documentary but the issues it touches are still very much relevant to our reality today, and that's part of why it's so important to discuss them as to why after all this time we're still stuck in them, why is it so hard to finally resolve them and leave them behind?
While some people preach on the "impossibility" of breaking through the overwhelming power of these corporate giants and even insist the only way to victory is with violence by taking over their control, my view is even if we did that without being ready to be at the top, we would end up recreating the same scenario of a totalitarian state, as it happened in the so-called Communist regime in the old Soviet Union.

Therefore realizing there's no short-cuts we'll have to go the only way possible for a true democracy to exist, which is expanding the COMMUNITY'S CONSCIOUSNESS through the painstaking expansion of the INDIVIDUALS CONSCIOUSNESS in every member of the group.   And for that this video has been designed and manufactured so each one of us can do our part in enhancing our personal horizons in the nature of reality.       Using the truth will always reverberate inside humans who are ready for it, more determined than any fanatical illusion being peddled by crooks who want to benefit from the efforts of others.     The key concept here is "when are we ready"?       What are the conditions for humans to be at the right evolutionary point to want to take the next step in our evolution?

Too many people are still today lost in their religious fantasies, questioning the very process of evolution to exist at all, relying on a complex magical narrative giving the individual comfort by holding the belief their every move is being watched by a "supreme being", just as their parents did when they were children, giving them that sense of certainty and security.     And of course their belief of remaining as persons after their deaths is a critical part of this belief systems, to alleviate the panic of complete disappearance from their idea of existence.

And talking of this "idea" of existence it's ironic to realize after experiencing the practice of meditation transcending the thought process, when we are in raw contact with the so-called Here and Now which is the actual reality we're immersed into, seeing all the ideas and concepts our thoughts process do are mere attempts at capturing those raw experiences into our minds, which is the thinking process we have used to attain so much in the material sense as a society.    We in fact have felt so comfortable and secure by using this thoughts process, we have got stuck into it by constantly thinking our days and minutes away, lost into thinking all the time and we have lost our way by having the very wrong idea of reality as if it was what we think, and not "what it is" in its "raw" state.

Most of the "problems" we as humans suffer, have to do with our addiction to thinking all the time, nonstop, and therefore our inability to be in direct contact in the "Here and Now" with the raw direct experience we're immersed in.
In other words WE THINK TOO MUCH forgetting to disengage from the thought's process in order to experience the direct touch we can attain during the meditation practice.

My suspicion is we're caught into a spiral of thoughts that we need to break through to attain the optimal balance to achieve the ultimate life goal of HAPPINESS.      In other words, we still have to evolve to attain a state of mind empty enough of constant thoughts, to be able to perceive the raw reality we experience during our meditative state, while we still keep a balance to use the thinking abilities to do our "practical" necessary daily pursuits to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads.