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East - West Dialog for PEACE
Comment ​by Rafael Zambrana               July 14, 2021

No Cold War: Dialogue between Jeffrey Sachs and Zhang Weiwei
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Tensions in the world have been increasing due to the fact the US has seen China catching up in its technology and economic expansion to turn the US into the second best. As expected this has been a shock to the US elites who have gotten used to the idea of being the best and biggest always, for more than a century.

(And I want to commend Mr Sachs for his clarification regarding the name "Americans" referring to US citizens, because we all who live in the American Continent, are also "Americans" from whatever particular country we are from, just as much as all people living in United States of America.      As an example, to call Italians "Europeans" as assignation to their nationality, is as wrong as calling the citizens of only one country in the continent, the name "Americans" as it is done regularly in United States)
​And the shock has also hit the masses of US citizenry who as well incorporated into their narrative, the excellence of their country for all their lives, since birth.   And this is taken as a great loss when in fact it's more of a return to what it has been for centuries of China being the largest economy.
​​This is explained at the remarkable exchange in the video between Jeffry Sachs and Zhang Weiwei where many positive suggestions show the possibilities of forming together a support system where all of Humankind benefits.
​A New Era of cooperation will release tensions and accelerate progress for all. History has taught us the value of cooperation and I think it's about time we practice our learning for the benefit of all.
​A plan to alleviate the trauma of waking up to the new reality in US citizenry should be part of the process, where the emphasis never should be on winners and losers, as it unfortunately happened when the Soviet Union came to an end.
​The whole world actually won after the reduction of stress from the ideological conflict, and peace became a bigger expectation for all than before.
​Unfortunately the US still remains under the great influence of the Military Industrial Complex that requires wars in order to survive as a profitable business, and this is an issue that needs to be resolved if we want to achieve real peace amongst all of humanity.