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Comments by Rafael Zambrana                          March 3, 2024
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Chris Hedges

Oppenheimer: The Real Story | Documentary (
Lately we've been entertained with the idea of a nuclear attack in the Ukrainian conflict, so here I offer a context to illustrate where this dangerous possible destruction is coming from.
Fortunately I found this video available, so I included it in my website. As you can see Robert was a gifted, very intelligent individual who was able to adapt to his changing circumstances according to the needs of the moment.

​History has shown the difficulties an extremely intelligent individual has in relating to the masses in society who lack the same capacities. The abilities these people have, creates situations when they have a hard time understanding why others can't see what they can.
The eventual confrontation between Robert Oppenheimer and the US president Harry Truman regarding the consequences of the atomic bomb destruction, speaks volumes as to the nature of the dropping of the two nuclear bombs on living civilians in Japan, given the reality Japan was already virtually defeated.    It has to do, probably, with the fact Harry Truman was considered a "sissy" in his youth by fellow students, and was told by his mother she rather had a daughter instead.   This brought the "macho" in him to try to show off his manhood by dropping the bomb.
​Not in this film, but there is the case of the choice as to the Vice Presidency of USA of Franklin D. Roosevelt reelection, given his bad medical state.   Henry Wallace was FDR's choice but that was derailed during the Democratic Convention in order to impose the oligarchs preferred puppet Harry Truman, who ended up gaining the top job after FDR died during his presidency.   

​​This is important given the fact that Henry Wallace was very different to Harry Truman, because Wallace's deep commitment to human values would likely not have agreed to perpetuating the largest act of TERRORISM in the history of Humanity by dropping a bomb that killed so many hundreds of thousands of people in the only nuclear bombing over civilian people, ever.    This was a true copy of the Genghis Khan battle book to instill so much fear in his enemies, they would give up before confronting him in the future battles.
​This was the logic in the US backward minds at the time to show their then current Soviet Allies the superior power of their US weaponry.   We can say these bomb droppings were as much to force Japan's surrender as to intimidate the Soviets.

​However the primacy of the USA in this matter was short lived because the Soviets developed their own Atomic bomb a few years later.
​As it has happened before, the US oligarchs mistreated one of their heroes with Oppenheimer as well, turning him into some sort of traitor after he had given so much to the US success.

By ​Georgy K. Zhukov

​Harry Truman overcame a very difficult childhood, one that took a great toll on his psyche.

​Growing up on his family’s Missouri farm, he struggled to win the affection of his father, John “Peanuts” Truman. The elder Truman, though only five foot four, relished beating up much taller men to show how tough he was. He wanted that same toughness in his sons. He found it in Harry’s younger brother Vivian.

​Harry, however, was diagnosed with hypermetropia, or “flat eyeballs,” and forced to wear Coke-bottle-thick glasses, so he couldn’t play sports or roughhouse with the other boys. “I was afraid my eyes would get knocked out if there was too much of a rough and tumble play,” he explained. “To tell the truth, I was kind of a sissy.”

​He was picked on and bullied by the other boys, who called him “four-eyes” and “sissy” and chased him home after school. To make matters worse, when he arrived home trembling and out of breath, his mother would comfort him by telling him not to worry because he was meant to be a girl anyway.

​He wrote about one incident in a 1912 letter, “That sounds rather feminine, doesn’t it. Mamma says I was intended for a girl anyway. It makes me pretty mad to be told so but I guess it’s partly so.” He later reflected that being regarded as a “sissy” was “hard on a boy. It makes him lonely, and it gives him an inferiority complex, and he has a hard time overcoming it.”

​​Not surprisingly, gender issues plagued him for years. He often referred to his feminine features and attributes. He would later prove that not only was he not a sissy, he could stand up to Stalin and show him who was boss.
It is interesting to observe how the biggest threat to humanity's existence, "the nuclear annihilation" is partly due to the poor psychological upbringing of a traumatized Harry Truman, leaving his imprint in the history of humanity.     RZ