Our natural state is happiness. A state of contentment, satisfaction, peace and tranquility giving us the sense of belonging as one with the universe.   This harmony can be eroded by mental toxins in the form of inadequate, hateful, insecure self-destructive thoughts and narratives, while physically with toxins becoming a drag in our body's functions, pushing it out of balance and making it weaker to withstand disease.    What we eat, drink and breathe can either poison us or give us the energy we need.    A clean body works as designed optimally and can achieve its full potential.

Our mind's ability to lead ourselves in the correct, harmonious, balanced, optimal manner, requires for it to understand reality beyond superficial appearances and illusory narratives. Our very existence relies on our mind's ability to act in congruence to how we have been naturally designed, and the more we do it in accordance to those innate principles, the more successful we'll be in attaining the happiness we all feel compelled to strive for.  
​Our bodies are like the hardware and our minds the software of this enterprise.   The spirit has the ability to choose the correct software, if we let it.

Our belief systems are the software and are determinant in how we make choices, according to how we perceive life with this particular program. The original content (our personal views) was filtered by the program chosen for us by the social context we were born into and came in the form of a religion, or an ideology.    National, race and cultural identities are part of this.
When we grow up and our capacity to think independently expands, we may or may not use the opportunity to start questioning this initial programming.   It is in our teen years when we begin to question everything, but most people fall back, in one way or another, on the traditional programs already embedded in them, from shear routine.    Usually the more "rebellious" teenagers are, the more chances they have of developing a truly independent approach to understanding the universe, but others have come off the tracks at a later date as well.    Science is a response to the personal journey of discovery after adolescence searching for the true meaning of things, digging deeper into understanding reality, shattering old myths and traditions.

A clean properly functioning harmonious mind will result in low stress levels, a sense of belonging to society and nature, a sense of fairness, egalitarianism and positive purpose at unison with the rest of the human race and all creatures, which results in a sense of a secure environment and well being for them and their children with a bright, secure future.   In short, love of life.

In contrast a mind with toxic ideologies and divisive religions produces stress from seeing the world as inhospitable, full of dangers, ending up treating their own human kind as enemies, and all other creatures weaker than themselves as prey to be devoured and used as things devoid of value except for their particular selfish purpose.   In extreme cases, rationalization will turn toxic minded people into extremely destructive creatures, using wars as the means to force their will on others to serve their psychopath aims.
The main purpose of this website is to try to discern the toxic phony myths that enslave us into self-defeating vicious circles, while at the same time attempt to offer the facts that will help us create the mental structures needed to understand life as it truly is, resulting in a logical, congruent joyous narrative.

It is a Mind-Game we can conquer at will by expanding our consciousness and shedding the toxic SPIN and lies disseminated by ignorant people, or crooks and institutions benefiting from our misguided views.    The truth will give us the power to succeed.

                 EDITOR ​Rafael J. Zambrana

               ​THE GREAT AWAKENING​
We are living historic times ​at the end of a paradigm transitioning into the next one in our species evolution. No longer we, as a seven billion strong (and growing) human community in the world, can afford to behave like irresponsible adolescents.  The selfish motivations inherent in the short-term for-profit model are showing its long term self destructive calamitous results. Seeing nature as a realm to conquer separate from our selves as suggested by Western religions, have uprooted us from our true earthly home and placed us at a nowhere land, in a collision course with the finite resource realities of the only planet we know can carry life in the universe
​While the opportunities to expand our consciousness are better today than ever, with public schooling, libraries​, universities, the Internet and all sorts of Media, the same technology is being used very cleverly to brainwash the masses to behave in a previously designed manner to the benefit of those who deceptively have usurped control.
Ironically people are less informed today about the things that matter the most, than 200 years ago.
​As an example, in the elections of 1827 and 1831, Andrew Jackson fought them with the theme of closing down the US private Central Bank, and the electorate whom at the time were mostly farmers who had no radio, no TV, no telephone and no Internet, only the printed press, were more savvy about the dangers of allowing for-profit banksters to produce the money supply for the economy, than today's urban "educated" voters.
​The nineteen century farmers voted-in Jackson twice even after the central bank manipulated finances to create a recession to instill panic, but  the voters were able to see through the charade and elected him  convincingly
​President Jackson's biggest accomplishment was to "kill the bank" in 1836 as he put it, paid in full the national debt and the US had no central bank for 77 years until 1913, when  the same cabal of crooks forced-in the new US central bank, which they called it this time the Federal Reserve Board.

​Jackson's mistake was to leave in place the fraudulent system of debt-based money called Fractional Reserve Banking, which allows commercial private banks to keep creating the currency while disbursing loans using "leverage", that in fact is creating money out of thin air.

Today we may have 350 TV channels at our disposal, magazines, newspapers, thousands of radio stations and the Internet, and yet people are not discussing what farmers were taking about 180 years ago. Today you don't see anywhere in the mainstream Media and neither in the so-called Alternative Media, any well informed discussion on the different forms of money and the consequences of using them.   None is calling the for-profit Fractional Reserve Banking System for the fraud it is.

I offer an open forum to all those who want to present information that is not discussed elsewhere thoroughly enough, or at all..
​I welcome articles and comments.