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The psychopaths in charge are intent in starting a Nuclear War
 Comment by Rafael Zambrana                                     April 23, 2017
Donald Trump engaged in the democracy game to further his personal view of USA and the world, seeing the presidency of United States as an opportunity to profit for his own business and those of his daughter and wife's.     He's approaching his presidency as merely another business venture he intends to ad on to his list of things to do in his shallow life, and by the way he's acting is possible his plans may be shorten by the CABAL of the Banking Cartel who had chosen Killary Clinton as their candidate. 
However, by Trump's missile attack on Syria we can see it as a possible sign he has already given up his independence and has accepted the role Killary Clinton had been chosen to fulfill for the true monarchs of the world.     It is more and more evident the planet elites are sick maniac psychopaths whose lives are described by the PIZZAGATE Killary and her campaign directors Podesta emails that were made public by Wikileaks, which resulted in the complete rejection of the Democratic Party by enough democrat voters to allow a complete nut-job Trump to actually win the US elections, freaking the hell out of not only the CABAL of psychopaths but the rest of the world also.

I am including below another video of an interview of RONALD BERNARD a Dutch high flying banker who after decades of participating in the Fractional Reserve Banking System as the largest Organized Crime in the world, is today disclosing in detail what many of us have been suggesting from the shadows is taking place all along.
He was warned from the start he had to leave his moral principles in a deep-freeze if he wanted to be a rich man by following the CABAL's instructions.
However his moral human consciousness made him stop after he was asked to participate in the bloody, despicable barbaric acts of ritual assassination of children, most of our elites do routinely.
The Dutch banker who had suffered in his own childhood torturous experiences, was awaken and refused to act as he was asked, and eventually had to quit and he's perhaps waiting for the his own execution for his exposure of the criminal nature of the acts these 8,500 people do casually.
The long version of the Complete Interview