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Explaining SYRIA today
Comment by Rafael Zambrana                                   September 25, 2019
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What started as a project from the Saudi family and Qatar to build an oil pipeline through Syria to sell their product to Europeans, and given the fact Bashar Al Assad the Syrian leader decided instead to offer the project to Iran and Russia, the Saudis and Qatar have been paying "protesters" to topple Syria's leadership in order to instal a puppet leader to allow them to build said pipeline in that country so they can profit.

After ten years of a devastating war killing a million civilians and military, as recent as yesterday here in Vancouver BC, Canada, the official Radio CBC is still disseminating lies about Syria.    In fact even the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been avoiding confrontations by refusing to take part in a debate with other parties candidates, for the election taking place in a few weeks.      Justin, the child of Pierre Trudeau, has a dismal record in foreign policies, acting with such immature behavior, no wonder he is trying to stay away from having to answer difficult questions in a public debate.      This interview exposes many facts not readily available in the corporate MSM, which is designed not to inform, but to brainwash the masses to conform to whatever the elite oligarchs decide for them to think, to meet their most convenient decisions.       The US Oligarchy which is servant to the Israeli Zionist fanatical elite, is putting the resources of its 230 million citizens and wealth at their feet.        The "greater Israel" project includes destroying any other country's existence in order for Israel to prevail and control, therefore seeing Syria and anyone else in the region as a possible target, unless like Jordan the nation which has been turned into an Israel client state, can not prevail independently. 
Israel has been the creation of the Rothschild family's dream and continues to be its pet project to this day.      Israel is the one nation that has created the largest security dangers in the world, risking the destruction of hundreds of millions of human beings, and all because it continues to want to control the planet using finances as their weapon, controlling the largest financial institutions.
The biggest threat to peace and security in the planet is Israel and the several financial families that support it, like the Rothschild, the Morgan, the Rockefeller and others.
the syria you wont see: Max blumenthal