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The ONLY Survival
Comment by Rafael Zambrana                                   May 7, 2020

Few people in the world can be classified as heroes, but we have here a scientist from India callled VANDANA SHIVA who is virtually saving the human race by supporting the farmers whose knowledge make it possible to feed one of the most populated countries in the planet, and by extension, the whole planet.
In this presentation she exposes the few individuals who have become excesively wealthy on the backs of the poorest, but most productive farmers who have inherited their knowledge from many generations of farmers who learned steadily from "trial and error" to forge the best natural food production humanity can get.

Listen to what she explains regarding MONSANTO and the other giant corporations that have taken over the creation of life-food-production, as a mere mechanism for them to become wealthier, regardless of the consequences to the human race.
Oneness vs The 1% #VandanaShiva
Big Brother is Watching You
The ONLY Survival
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