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Minority rules:
Scientists discover tipping point for the spread of ideas

Scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have found that when just 10 percent of the population holds an unshakable belief, their belief will always be adopted by the majority of the society. The scientists, who are members of the Social Cognitive Networks Academic Research Center (SCNARC) at Rensselaer, used computational and analytical methods to discover the tipping point where a minority belief becomes the majority opinion. The finding has implications for the study and influence of societal interactions ranging from the spread of innovations to the movement of political ideals.
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What this means is we only need 10% of the population to understand how these few individuals are robbing us and enslaving us to transform the narrative society believes in, to stop them.
Preparing for the ongoing Empire Collapse
Commentary by Rafael Zambrana                            August 28, 2015

Every new paradigm gestates its birth in the old one, and this time it's not an exception with many signs there are groups around the world spontaneously putting into practice activities like Open-Source, Crowdfunding, Bitcoin crypto-currencies, the expansion of local farmers markets,Truth and Reconciliation Commissions and other unprecedented attempts at decentralizing to bring to a local level the decision making emanating from a democracy rooted in the immediate community.

As suggested by the interview there's a tendency to bypass the established power structures, to source from the local community the satisfaction to the personal needs of the individuals that compose it.

No empire has a particular date it started or ended. including the Soviet Union which spent years of decline until it finally collapsed when it was unable to finance it during the orchestrated reduction of the International oil price in the late 90's.
The US is going through its own process as explained by Charles H. Smith in the interview, giving us a peak into the current Global Debt Crisis from a different view.